Managed Care Task Force                                                               Reports to Govt. Programs

Chair: Henry Tuttle, CEO, Health Center Partners of Southern California

Staff: Nenick Vu

Support Staff: Charlotte Reische

  • Managed Care health plan contracts
  • Monitor concerns and changes in the Medi-Cal Managed Care environment and provide CPCA with guidance on responding to these developments


Social Determinants of Health Task Force                                   Reports to Govt. Programs

Chair: Marty Lynch, CEO, Lifelong Medical

Staff: Andie Patterson

Support Staff: Daisy Po’oi

  • Focuses on the most pressing upstream factors impacting health center patients’ livelihood.
  • Informs CPCA staff on the proactive solutions CPCA and the members can work on together
  • Monitors and discusses current trends
  • Crafts policy and programmatic solutions



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