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What is CaliforniaHealth+?
CaliforniaHealth+ is an innovative new vision and brand to educate patients about the benefits of California’s community clinics and health centers (CCHCs).  CaliforniaHealth+ represents the “plus” that CCHCs offer their patients by going beyond primary care to encompass a whole health approach.

Why do we need the CaliforniaHealth+ campaign for CCHCs?
Most people in the CCHC field have heard the common adage, “If you’ve seen one clinic, you’ve seen one clinic.”  In fact, CCHCs share many important patient-centered features: they are mission-driven, culturally-sensitive, and cost-effective; they use cutting-edge technologies; and they deliver high quality care to all who walk through their doors, regardless of socio-economic status or ability to pay for services.

Despite this unique shared expertise and value, California’s nearly 900 CCHCs often remain the “best-kept secret.” To increase the visibility of CCHCs statewide and educate consumers about the benefits of CCHCs, we have developed an innovative initiative to craft and promulgate a new CCHC brand, “California Health+,” accompanied by a new education campaign, “Find Your +.”

What will the CaliforniaHealth+ campaign accomplish?
The ultimate goals of the campaign are to (1) increase access to care and (2) reduce health disparities by helping CCHCs to maintain and grow their patient base.

Up to 4 million Californians will become newly eligible for health insurance as of January 2014, and CCHCs will play a vital role in serving these new patients.  However, these newly insured Californians may not be aware of all of their healthcare provider options, so educating them about the unique value and high-quality care of CCHCs will be critically important to ensure that they are able to access appropriate clinical and supportive services.

How will CPCA and CCHCs implement the CaliforniaHealth+ campaign?
The branding and education campaign begins with increased stakeholder and consumer awareness and belief in a unified brand promise based on the unique characteristics of CCHCs.  We have already completed multiple activities both for stakeholders (CCHC leadership, staff, consortia, and other community partners) and consumers (current and prospective patients), including  audience segment definition, data collection, brand promise development, and communications program development.  Based on these activities, we are now working to implement the internal education and communications campaign.  These efforts will create stakeholder buy-in to support the external consumer education campaign, which will be launched in late 2013 to align with enrollment efforts of Covered California, the State Health Benefit Exchange.

What activities will be completed during the CaliforniaHealth+ campaign?
Award-winning marketing firm Mering Carson has developed a comprehensive media and communications plan that encompasses both an internal stakeholder campaign and an external consumer campaign.  The plan includes strategies for owned, earned, and paid media. Strategies in the plan balance the use of “new” and “traditional” media channels that will appeal to current and prospective patients prior to, during, and after the Exchange open enrollment period beginning in October 2013.

What is the timeframe for the CaliforniaHealth+ campaign?
The internal stakeholder campaign was launched with a special session at the CPCA Annual Conference in October 2012.  During this session, we unveiled outreach materials for the “CaliforniaHealth+” brand and corresponding “Find Your +” campaign, reviewed the consumer and patient-centered research behind the campaign, and discussed internal and external communications strategies.

In February 2013, we provided a sneak peek of the consumer campaign with an ad in the Sacramento Bee (see link below).  We expect that the internal education phase of the campaign will wrap up by early fall of 2013.  At that time, the external consumer education campaign will be launched to coincide with the open enrollment period for California’s Health Benefit Exchange, which begins in October 2013.

What is the anticipated impact of the CaliforniaHealth+ campaign?  
As a result of this unprecedented education and branding campaign, we anticipate that up to 2.2 million newly eligible patients will be educated about the unique value of CCHCs and will select a CCHC in their community as a provider of choice.  The ultimate impact for these patients and communities will include increased healthcare equity and increased access to comprehensive, cost-effective, and culturally-sensitive primary and preventive health services.

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Sacramento Bee Ad 2/7/13

For more information about CaliforniaHealth+, contact Val Sheehan, Deputy Director of Development, or (916) 440-8170.

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