Who We Are

In 1994, the California Primary Care Association (CPCA) was created to provide a unified voice for community health centers (CHCs) throughout California.


Our Mission

To lead and position community clinics, health centers, and networks through advocacy, education and services as key players in the health care delivery system to improve the health status of their communities.


Whom Our Members Serve

California is home to more thank 1,100 CHC sites, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), FQHC Look-Alikes, and Rural Health Centers. Combined, these CHCs serve more than 5.6 million patients annually through over 17 million patient encounters. More than 50% of these patients are Hispanic and 43% speak a primary language other than English. Nearly 65% fall under 100% of Federal Poverty Level, with 35% eligible for Medi-Cal subsidies and 30% uninsured.


How We Support Our Members

  • CPCA provides support and help to individuals and organizations on very specific topics through technical assistance, averaging 2,900 instances a year. Along with very specific and often customized support, we offer a variety of learning opportunities through numerous trainings, webinars, conferences, and events for our members and all levels of their staff to utilize in their everyday operations.
  • CPCA advocates for community clinics and health centers and ultimately makes their voices heard at the California State Legislature. Actively engaged members tell their stories to the success of fighting off a $100 million cut that would have eliminated the enhanced reimbursement rate that helps CHCs to fulfill their mission of providing health care to anyone who walks through their doors.
  • CPCA periodically surveys its members to ascertain the most current data on trends and issues in the field. Collaboration on such information allows CPCA to focus trainings and technical assistance in key areas such as Meaningful Use and electronic health records, the use of telehealth services, and recognition as a Patient-Centered Health Home (PCHH).
  • CHCs have often experienced delays with reimbursement from the state. Due to the diligence of CPCA staff, we have facilitated reimbursement to many of our members, resulting in more than $100 million.


Why work with the California Primary Care Association?

Since 1994, CPCA has been the statewide leader and recognized voice for California’s 1150+ community health centers (CHCs).

  • CHCs are mission-driven to minimize the impact of barriers to health and health care access including poverty, lack of health insurance, immigration status, ethnicity, language and culture, disability, homelessness, geographic isolation and other diverse needs.
  • CHCs serve over 5 million low-income, underserved, and uninsured patients per year in California.
  • CHCs stimulated over $3 billion in total economic impact and support over 27,000 jobs in 2005, and continue to grow.

With the advent of federal health care reform legislation, CHCs will play a key role in meeting the primary care needs of the millions of newly patients in California. Given CPCA’s prominent role in assisting our members during this historic time of growth, there has never been a better time for your business to have visibility as being part of the movement to help ensure “healthcare access for all.”


Benefits to the Sponsor:

  • Access – to hundreds of high-level leadership, decision makers and staff from community clinics and health centers across California
  • Recognition – in event materials as a key supporter of  community clinics and health centers servicing California’s most vulnerable health populations
  • Knowledge – increase your knowledge of community clinics and health centers and become an integral resource to support the mission of providing health care access to all.
  • Opportunities – to build partnerships with community clinics and health centers by networking directly with all levels of clinic staff

CPCA is eager to help connect you with the thousands of key health professionals that use CPCA as a trusted resource for information, trainings, technical assistance, and advocacy. CPCA offers several promotional opportunities that compliment marketing budgets and social responsibility portfolios of all sizes:

Annual Sponsorship

The Annual Sponsorship Program ensures a year-round presence with CPCA’s membership so that you can build more meaningful relationship with key health care decision-makers through increased recognition and trust of your brand. This program also provides a meaningful discount for your sponsors who wish to have a presence at all of CPCA’s conferences and event s throughout the year. The Annual Sponsorship Program’s tiered structure provides flexibility and opportunity for organizations of all types, sizes and marketing budgets. This program opens January 1st of each calendar year and will be on a first come, first served basis.

Event Sponsorship

Each year, CPCA hosts a number of events intended to provide opportunities for members, community partners, clinic leadership, key decision makers, and health care stakeholders to learn from each other. Participants share best practices, discuss challenges and opportunities, and celebrate those who have been instrumental in supporting the essential work of CHCs. In addition to our regular meetings, trainings, and advocacy opportunities, CPCA hosts six major events, each with attendance of anywhere from 100 to over 900 attendees.

How to Get Involved

CPCA looks forward to partnering and finding creative ways to support the mission of community clinics and health centers in California. We would be happy to schedule a meeting with our Sponsorship Team to discuss your organization’s specific needs.

Become part of the movement that represents over 1,150 community health centers and over 5 million patients helping to ensure “healthcare access for all!”


For an overview of CPCA’s Sponsorship opportunities, see our

2017 Sponsorship Programs and Opportunities 

2017 Sponsorship Programs and Opportunities (Flipbook) COMING SOON!

If you have questions about our sponsorship programs, please contact us via e-mail at sponsor@cpca.org.

Thank you again for your support of CPCA. 

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