CPCA Peer Networks

CPCA hosts and convenes a number of peer networks for clinic staff from across various disciplines. These peer networks provide an opportunity to exchange valuable information, share best practice and templates, and provide feedback into state association activities, policies, and training programs.


Interested in Becoming the Official Sponsor of a CPCA Peer Network?

CPCA Peer Networks are highly effective regularly hosted venues for individuals within CPCA’s membership to discuss common issues specific to their roles within their organizations. Meeting regularly in-person or via WebEx, frequent e-blasts are sent to these groups with targeted updates relevant to the interests of these specific groups.  CPCA is currently offering opportunities to sponsor the following Peer networks:

340B Peer Network meets to discuss legislative efforts pertaining to 340B, addresses questions and research pertaining to compliance and shares 340B tools, expertise, and training resources.

Behavioral Health Peer Network meets in person quarterly to discuss significant developments within the industry, regulatory considerations, and billing practices specific to behavioral health services.

Billing Managers Peer Network focuses on topics of interest to all Billing Managers and Supervisors. The Network shares ideas, concerns, current billing events, and best practices.

• Clinic Emergency Preparedness Peer Network (CEPPN) is committed to sharing resources and emergency response plans by bringing members together on a quarterly basis to discuss EP issues such as business continuity planning, drills, exercises, and preparedness training.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Peer Network meets quarterly to exchange valuable information, share best practices, templates, and provide feedback into state association activities, policies, and training programs.

Compliance Officer Peer Network (COPN) educates members through peer review on the latest news and information from the world of compliance and regulatory governance. Our discussions will keep you up-to-date on the most pressing regulatory compliance issues while providing timely and informative updates on compliance trends.

• Consortia Policy Group (CPG) meets quarterly in-person and is comprised of the consortia policy staff and CPCA policy staff. The focus of the CPG is to share information, network, and to develop coordinated statewide strategies on local, state, and federal legislative and budget issues affecting CCHCs. CPCA hosts two retreats for the CPG and four in-person meetings per year.

Dental Directors Peer Network was developed to bring dental directors and staff from CCHCs and Indian health clinics across the state together to share and develop innovative strategies for community oral health and provide support to one another. Experts in the field of oral health present cutting edge strategies and CEUs are often available for attendance.

Human Resources Peer Network (HRPN) provides a place where HR staff can raise questions with their peers and share individual approaches to employee issues and best practices.

Marketing & Communications Peer Network shares information related to public relations, media outreach, marketing, development and fundraising efforts at CCHCs. This is an opportunity to share and develop best practices in these areas and learn from each other in a variety of areas related to internal and external communications.

• Outreach and Enrollment Peer Network provides an ongoing opportunity for OE staff to share struggles and successes, tools and resources, as well as receive statewide and federal updates from CPCA staff. The outreach and enrollment peer network is critical in empowering CCHCs and their CECs so that they can better serve their patients in completing the enrollment process.

Bronze Level Annual Sponsorship of Peer Networks For more information regarding sponsoring a Peer Network or any other sponsorship opportunities, please contact us via e-mail at sponsor@cpca.org.

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