2017 Chair: Cynthia Peshek, Outreach Program Manager- Ampla Health


Staff:  Janalynn Castillo 

  • Provide a peer to peer learning environment where on-the-ground enrollment counselors and outreach staff and organizational leaders on outreach and enrollment can share successes and struggles and tools and resources to improve their outreach and enrollment efforts and empower their staff
  • Disseminate key policy and regulatory changes that impact outreach and enrollment operations
  • Gauge trends on issue and solutions to be used to enhance the technical assistance and programmatic offering of CPCA

The Outreach & Enrollment Peer Network (O&E PN) is open to all community clinics and health centers (CCHCs) as well as consortia members. The purpose of the peer network is to provide an ongoing opportunity for O&E staff to share struggles and successes, tools and resources, as well as receive statewide and federal updates from CPCA staff. The outreach and enrollment peer network is critical in empowering CCHCs and their CECs so that they can better serve their patients in completing the enrollment process.

The O&E PN convenes on a monthly webinar to share and develop innovative practices in outreach and enrollment. Some of the past and ongoing topics of discussion include: media relations, outreach strategies, enrollment best practices, and program development at CCHCs.

Are You Ready for Covered CA’s Special Enrollment Season?

Join our April call to get the latest open enrollment updates! O&E peer network calls will take place every third Tuesday of the month. If you would like particular issues/questions addressed, contact jcastillo@cpca.org. The purpose of the monthly call is to provide the best resources and information to the outreach and enrollment specialists in your community! Our next call is scheduled for Tuesday, April  18, 2017 from 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. Register here.

Past O&E Peer Network Meetings:

  • Please contact Jana Castillo for previous meeting notes and recordings.

Outreach and Enrollment Resources

Did You Receive a CPCA OE Peer Network #Slack Invite? 

Join the new 2017 Slack outreach and enrollment peer network page to access the O&E resource center and meet other members of CPCA’s OE peer network. Slack is a great communication tool to reduce the need for email and acts as a real-time collaboration web platform. If you did not receive an invite link, please click here to join. This link expires on March 13, 2017.  If you would like a one-on-one Slack tutorial, please contact Janalynn Castillo. 


Please join us as a partner and help spread the word about the Earned Income Tax Credit!

CalEITC4Me is a statewide outreach campaign to encourage lower income working Californians to claim the new state earned income tax credit (CalEITC). Many low-income working Californians struggle to provide for their families. EITC provides extra cash for basic necessities - education, food and housing –providing an economic lifeline for struggling working families.

Check out some of these resources by clicking here:

  • A multi-lingual CalEITC4Me Calculator allowing individuals to determine theireligibility for the state and federal EITC, including their potential refund in a few easy steps.
  • Free Tax Prep Finder tool, which connects families to free tax preparation services in their neighborhoods.
  • Interactive Heat Map helps nonprofits, government agencies and others identify key regions of eligible filers by ZIP code and other searchable criteria to better target education and outreach efforts on the ground.




CPCA Staff Contact: For more information about Outreach & Enrollment, please contact Beth Malinowski, Deputy Director of Government Affairs, at bmalinowski@californiahealthplusadvocates.org or Janalynn Castillo, Project Coordinator, at jcastillo@cpca.org. 

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