July 2017





May 2017

2017.04.18_HCD Final Comments

2017.04.26_EO Visa Memo

2017.04.26_Draft WF Convening

2017.04.26_WF Bill Report

2017.04.26_PC Residency Funding Coalition Ltr.

2017.04.26_FTHC Re-Authorization Ltr to E&C

2017.04.26_Oral Health Bill Report

2017.04.26_Tobacco Tax Initiative Funding For the State Oral Health Plan – Coalition Sign-On Letter

2017.04.26_NQI Sign-on Letter

2017.04.26_AB 1863 Implementation – CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates Letter  

330 Committee

2017.01.12_San Mateo Medical Center FQHCS Administrative Hearing Final Decision 

2000.09.27_State Medicaid Directors Letter 

Govt. Programs Committee

2017.04.26_Immigration Bill List

Ag Workger Committee

2017.03.27_DPR Regs Comment Letter

2016.12.08_DPR Regs Comment Letter


February 2017

Advocates Process for HC Site Visit

SDOH 02.09.17_Webinar_Registration

Summary of Immigration EO

Advocates ACA Ltr. to Feinstein

2017 Budget Proposal Analysis 

Advocates Budget Talking Points

January 2017

Ag Worker/Migrant Health Coordinator

Govt. Programs

330/BH Memo 

Workforce Committee

Legislative Committee



2017 Annual Sponsors