Behavioral Health (reports to Government Programs)

Chair: Robin Affrime, CEO, CommuniCare
Staff: Liz Oseguera
Support Staff: Daisy Po’oi

  • Monitor implementation of the behavioral health Medi-Cal managed care carve in and address outstanding issues with the system transition as they arise
  • Keep members informed of the moving parts in the behavioral health expansion and identify ways to improve the system of care
  • Monitor the development and implementation of the 1115 Waiver Drug Medi-Cal amendment and report to 1115 Waiver work group
  • Inform policy recommendations and priorities related to behavioral health integration


Chair: Sherry Hirota, Chief Executive Officer of Asian Health Services
Staff: Liz Oseguera
Support Staff: Daisy Po’oi

  • Gather member feedback on training materials and resources that CPCA is developing to provide health centers with information on how to protect themselves, and their patients, from immigration enforcement.
  • Review and discuss policy issues impacting immigrant patients and their providers, including executive orders signed by the president and legislative or regulatory changes made to federal or state laws.
  • Discuss the concerns and questions that members have regarding immigration.
  • Provide a platform where members can exchange resources and thoughts on how to address patient and clinic concerns regarding immigration.

Licensing (reports to Government Programs)

Chair: Tracy Ream, CEO, Neighborhood Healthcare       
Staff: Meaghan McCamman
Support Staff: Daisy Po'oi

  • Identify health center challenges related to licensure, including the application process and requirements, and solutions to mitigate such challenges
  • Mitigation efforts may include seeking clarification and/or negotiating with CDPH, challenging existing requirements through the state’s regulation process, and when necessary, supporting legislation to change the law

SQIC (Statewide Quality Improvement Committee)

Chair:  Steve Ghidinelli, Associate Site Director, Santa Rosa Community Health Centers
Staff: Allie Budenz
Support Staff: Charlotte Reische

  • Map out and guide a state-wide quality improvement (QI) vision
  • Provide the infrastructure that is needed for a state-wide QI framework
  • Create a state-wide work plan

Wrap Cap Pilots

Chair: Ralph Silber, ED, Alameda Health Consortium
Staff: Andie Patterson
Support Staff: Daisy Po’oi

  • Develop the wrap cap PMPM rate
  • Strategize how to partner with health plans and the Department of Health Care Services
  • Prepare for the necessary internal practice transitions necessary to implement a model that removes the face to face visit requirement
  • Comprised of members who are interested in constructing and participating in a payment reform demonstration)