2019 Quality Care Conference Materials

Speaker Biographies

Opening Plenary Panel

The California Health Places Index: Using Data for Action in Healthcare
  • Tracy Delaney, PhD, Public Health Alliance of Southern California
  • Helen Dowling, MPH, Public Health Alliance of Southern California
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Concurrent Sessions | 10:30 AM - NOON
How a Health Plan Can Support its Providers (QI, Data)
  • Carissa Avalos, Anthem Blue Cross
  • Cynthia Cervantes, MSN, NP/PA-C, RN, Anthem Blue Cross
  • Tara Fogliasso, Partnership HealthPlan of California
  • Rhoda Gonzales, RDH, RDHAP, Anthem Blue Cross
  • John Hunsaker, MPP, MBA, Partnership HealthPlan of California
  • Marshall Kubota, MD, Partnership HealthPlan of California
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A Clinical Transformation Approach to Achieving Technology Enhanced Care (HIT)
  • Mai-Khanh Bui-Duy, MD, Salud Para La Gente
  • Andrea Graeser, MSW, Salud Para La Gente
  • Candy Magaña, MPA, RubiconMD
  • Nwando Olayiwola, MD, MPH, FAAFP, RubiconMD; University of California, San Francisco
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Additional Resource
Hearts of Sonoma County (QI)
  • Bo Greaves, MD, Health Action; Santa Rosa Community Health
  • Jennifer McClendon, MPH, Center for Well-Being
  • Michelle Rosaschi, MPH, Redwood Community Health Coalition
  • Kathleen Sarmento, RN, Santa Rosa Community Health
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Plenary Panel
The Quality-Compliance Collaborative in FQHCs: Illustrating the Evolving Model for American Healthcare
  • Marya Choudhry, MPH, Shasta Community Health Center
  • Anne Frunk, CHFP, CPC, Shasta Community Health Center
  • Cris Navarro, JD, CHC, Shasta Community Health Center
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Concurrent Sessions | 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Effective Care Coordination through Specialty and Inpatient Settings (QI, HIT) 
  • Viveka Rydell Anderson, PDI Surgery Center
  • Ramona English, DMD, Petaluma Health Center
  • Mark Escajeda, MD, PDI Surgery Center
  • Surani Hayre-Kwan, MSN, MBA, FNP, FAANP, PDI Surgery Center; Sutter Health
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Critical IT Risks for Healthcare Organizations (Compliance, HIT)
  • Oscar Chacon, Vasquez & Company LLP
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Colorful, Practical, Feature Filled, and Fun Quality Improvement (QI, Data, HIT)
  • Roy Coleman, MS, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center
  • Jessica Jamison, MPH, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center
  • Chris Nelson, DDS, Hill Country Health and Wellness Center
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Plenary Panel
Building a Customized Infrastructure for Sustainable Quality Improvement
  • Linda D'Agati, CPHQ, Open Door Community Health Centers
  • Lisa Parris, Open Door Community Health Centers
  • Christopher West, PhD, NP-C, Open Door Community Health Centers
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Concurrent Sessions | 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Effective Strategies to Assess and Manage Risk (Data) 
  • Melaney Scott, MBA, Moss Adams, LLP
  • Kinman Tong, CPA, Moss Adams, LLP
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Provider Perspectives: How California's Provider Directory Supports the Needs of Community Health Centers (Compliance, HIT)
  • Amanda Bush, Blue Shield of California
  • David Ford, CalHIPSO
  • Jon McBride, MBA, Integrated Healthcare Association
  • Rajan Shah, Gaine Healthcare
  • Mike Witte, MD, CPCA
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Controlling the Uncontrolled: Effective Strategies for Managing Diabetes (QI)
  • Carol Bernstein, MPH, LCSW, Elevation Health Partners
  • Crystal Maciel, PA-C, Wilmington Community Health Center
  • Rachel Proud, MPH, Elevation Health Partners
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Closing Plenary Panel
Creating a Statewide Network of Clinics for Individuals Returning from Incarceration
  • Joseph Calderon, Transitions Clinic Network
  • Shira Shavit, MD, Transitions Clinic Network
  • Anna Steiner, MSW, MPH, Transitions Clinic Network
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