Health and Safety are Basic Human Rights. Undocumented Californians also have the Legal Right to use Public Services to Protect all Health & Safety. 

For decades, community health centers (CHCs) have been the safety net providers for underserved and low income communities, while also serving as active advocates for their patients’ healthcare rights. This is especially true now that our immigrant patients and communities are impacting by the chilling effect, meaning many have expressed fears in accessing daily activities for fear of deportation for themselves or a family member. In response, health centers have been looking for resources and technical assistance to help them create a safer environment for their immigrant patients and staff.

We invite you to Join our National Health Center Immigration Workgroup (NHCIW) to receive updates on policy changes impacting immigrant communities and share resources with out of state PCAs and Health Centers. 

You may access resources and technical assistance, including sample policies and procedures, FAQs, and recorded webinars by visiting the sections below.

For questions, please contact Liz Oseguera, Assistant Director of Policy, at or (916) 440-8170.


DACA: On July 16, 2021, a Federal District Court  in Texas issued a ruling  in  Texas v. United States  limiting  the DACA program and declaring it unlawful. Unfortunately, this means the Biden Administration cannot process new DACA applications, but the court ruling does NOT impact DACA renewals and those with a DACA status. To see CPCA’s statement and next steps in our work please click HERE.
Public Charge: On March 9, 2021, the Biden administration dropped its defense of the Trump public charge rule, bringing an end to the Trump’s Administration public charge rule. The long-standing 1999 “field guidance” (the policy that was in place before the 2019 Rule) will apply effective immediately. This means that only cash assistance for income maintenance or long term care on the governments expense will count towards public charge.

Thus health care programs, including Medicaid and COVID care, housing assistance, food programs, and many other vital services are once again safe to use. Click the "Public Charge" tab below for more resources and information.