On August 12, 2019, DHS’ final public charge rule was posted to the Federal Register for inspection, with official publication scheduled for Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Please be advised that we are working to analyze the rule and update the resources on this page in the next two weeks. The resources below may NOT reflect the changes in the final rule.

Train the Trainer: Messaging Public Charge

Organization Facing Modules
  • Webinar recording of Six Modules: Video
    • Welcome: 2:45 mark
    • How to help communities tell their story: 5:45 mark
    • Public Charge 101-What is the current law?: 35:45 mark
    • Health and Policy Impact Overview: 1:14:00 mark
    • Public Benefit Program Eligibility: 1:35:55 mark
    • Privacy Rights: 2:00:05 mark
    • Messaging Public Charge to Immigrant Communities: 2:19:30 mark
    • Public Charge and Immigrant Food Access: Youtube Video
    • Impact of Farmworkers: Youtube Video
    • Media Advocacy: Youtube Video
  • Welcoming Slide: PPT
  • Public Charge 101 Module: PPT
  • Chilling Effect and Health Policy Impact Module: PPT
  • Public Benefits Eligibility Module: PPT
  • Privacy Rights and Protections Module: PPT
  • Media Engagement and Storytelling Module: PPT
  • How to Talk About Public Charge to Immigrant Communities Module: PPT
  • Impact to Food Access Module: PPT
  • Impact to Farmworkers Module: PPT
  • Take Action Module: PPT

Community Facing Modules
  • Public Benefits and Immigration: When Can Your Immigration Status Affect the Use of Public Benefits?: English /Spanish /Chinese - This presentation discusses the intersection between immigration status and public benefits.
  • Flowchart Brochure: English/Spanish/Chinese - This flowchart supports community members understand how the Public Charge issue impacts them as an individual.

National Health Center Immigration Workgroup Materials

Medical Legal Partnership Resources

Other Recent Public Charge Resources

**For additional resources please visit ProtectingImmigrantFamilies.org

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Health Center Resources

These materials are limited in scope to the proposed changes to the public charge determination. Health center patients have varied immigration statuses and concerns. Please refer patients to immigration law experts to make the best decisions for them and their families.

Impact to Health Centers

Talking with your elected officials:

Talking with media:

Talking with patients:


For questions, please contact Liz Oseguera, Senior Policy Analyst, at loseguera@cpca.org or (916) 440-8170.