CPCA Events List

DateTitleTopic Category
12/11/2018Preparing for the Technology Innovations of TomorrowHealth Information Technology1WM121118
12/13/2018Behavioral Health Peer Network In-person MeetingHealth Center Operations3PBH121318
12/13/2018Behavioral Health Peer Network WebinarHealth Center Operations3PBH121381
12/17/2018FM+ Online: FQHC BillingFinance1WJ121718
12/19/2018SDOH Peer NetworkHealth Center Operations3PSD121918
1/14/2019FM+ Online: Revenue Cycle ManagementFinance1WJ011419
1/16/2019Northern California SDOH ConveningHealth Center Operations3MW011619
1/17/2019SDOH Learning Cohort Kick-Off Overview and IntroductionHealth Center Operations1WW011719
1/17/2019eClinicalWorks: Using the System to Succeed in UDS ReportingHealth Information Technology1WM011719
1/28/2019FM+ Online: Sliding Fee ScaleFinance1WJ012819
1/31/2019Southern California SDOH ConveningHealth Center Operations3MW013119
2/11/2019FM+ Online: BenchmarkingFinance1WJ021118
2/14/2019SDOH Learning Cohort Webinar # 2 Engaging Key StakeholdersHealth Center Operations1WW021419
2/21/20192019 Quality Care ConferenceHealth Information Technology2HIT2019
2/25/2019FM+ Online: 340BFinance1WJ022519
3/21/2019SDOH Learning Cohort In Person MeetingHealth Center Operations1WW032119
4/24/20192019 Day at the CapitolConferences & Events2DAC2019
4/25/2019SDOH Learning Cohort Webinar #3 Acting on DataHealth Center Operations1WW042519
5/14/20192019 Billing Managers ConferenceFinance2BM2019
5/16/20192019 Chief Financial Officers ConferenceFinance2CF2019
6/20/2019SDOH Learning Cohort Webinar #4 Highlights from the FieldHealth Center Operations1WW062019
6/23/20192019 Region IX Clinical Excellence ConferenceClinical2WCN2019
7/18/2019SDOH Learning Cohort Webinar #5 Highlights from the FieldHealth Center Operations1WW071819
8/15/2019SDOH Learning Cohort Webinar #6 Resources to addressing SDOHHealth Center Operations1WW081519