CPCA Bylaws  - For voting purposes only, not official Bylaws.

CPCA’s diverse membership includes community and free clinics, federally funded and federally designated clinics, rural and urban clinics, large and small clinic corporations and clinics dedicated to special needs and special populations. CPCA is designated by the Federal Bureau of Primary Health Care as the state primary care association and receives federal program support to develop and enhance services for member clinics.

Since 1994, CPCA has successfully worked with its members to strengthen and protect the role of community health centers (CHCs) in the health care delivery system and to effectively form partnerships and collaborations at the state and federal level, advancing the interests of clinics and their patients.

As members of CPCA, participate in joint advocacy, consensus building, regional collaborations, group educational and training forums and other shared activities so that CHCs can continue to serve the health care needs of their communities through innovation, collaboration and commitment.

The video below provides an overview of member benefits of the California Primary Care Association (CPCA), including our organizational structure, profiles of the health centers and patients we represent, and ways to become more involved in CPCA's work. Also, an introduction to CPCA's membership advantage and how we help community health centers to advocate, strengthen, and transform.  



Requests for further information about membership should be directed to:

Ginger Smith
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
916-440-8170 ext.1096