Coming Soon: CPCA 2020 Compensation and Benefits Survey Results

THANK YOU to the roughly 130 health centers that completed CPCA’s 2020 Compensation & Benefits Survey! The Compensation & Benefits Survey is conducted annually online to collect detailed information on compensation structures for executive, clinical, and administrative positions for California’s primary care community health centers (CHC). Participating health centers will receive a free copy of the statewide report, an individualized report that compares their compensation against similarly sized clinics, and a copy of the aggregated compensation data for regional and industry benchmarking. 

All three reports will be disseminated to participating clinics during CPCA’s 2020 Salary Survey results webinar, scheduled for Monday, November 9. Copies of the statewide report can also be purchased on CPCA’s Store.

Health Professions Education and Training (HP-ET)

To view information on the HRSA Health Professions Education & Training Initiative (including RTAT), click here .

Workforce Strategies in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic Disruptions

Ninety-six health centers participated in our 2020 COVID-19 Workforce Pulse survey, allowing CPCA to provide a detailed and robust analysis on workforce priorities, payroll adjustments, and recruitment/retention strategies health centers are leveraging in response to COVID-19. This valuable strategic leadership tool offers nuanced information and key insights on workforce strategies BEYOND comp and benefits.

We invite you to watch the below webcast which will walk you through a summary analysis of the survey trends and key findings included in the report.

PCA’s Pulse survey and 2019 Workforce Development Survey report are available now, for FREE, to all participants. Copies can also be purchased on CPCA’s Store.

Developing a Robust Community Health Center Workforce

CPCA is committed to building a robust healthcare workforce that is reflective of California’s diverse communities. The report, California’s Primary Care Workforce: Forecasted Supply, Demand, and Pipeline of Trainees, 2016-2030 shows that by 2030 California is projected to demand between 39,331 and 44,188 primary care clinician FTEs, an increase of 12% to 17% above the current demand. We need new and non-traditional partnerships and collaboration that push innovative solutions far beyond the simple math of adding providers. Read on for more information and resources related to CPCA’s recruitment, retention and primary care workforce training efforts.

CHC Residency Road Map

The California Primary Care Association’s Community Health Center (CHC) Residency Road Map is paving the way for community-based graduate medical education in California’s CHCs. Our federal and state advocacy efforts to increase graduate medical education funding coupled with our online and in-person educational offerings are positioning CHCs as leaders in physician resident training. Learn more here.

Workforce Resources

This workforce resource packet is intended be a small warehouse of workforce-related resources that support recruitment, retention, training, and care transformation efforts in community health centers. You can expect to find a variety of toolkits, reports, research publications and funding opportunities. This packet is not a complete inventory of all health workforce related materials available – it is an initial survey of workforce resources that we hope will be of value to our community health centers and allied partners.

To download the workforce resource packet, click here


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