The CPCA Medi-Cal Health Enrollment Navigators Project (Navigators Project) launched alongside the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has awarded $17.75 million to subcontractors for work completed between January 1, 2024 and June 30, 2025. The funding is dedicated to community health centers (CHCs) and regional clinic associations (consortia) that will assist with Medi-Cal outreach, enrollment, renewal, utilization, and troubleshooting efforts across California.

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Over 123 organizations, including 113 community health centers and 10 regional clinic associations, were approved by DHCS and CPCA for Navigator funding across 38 counties. Notably, some of these counties have not received any SB 154 funding to date or remain underfunded based on their percentage of Medi-Cal patients. Most organizations supported through this funding have not received any SB 154 funding previously, which demonstrates the wide impact of this program and investment.

This project will support California’s Medi-Cal redetermination and expansion goals through 2025 and will play a critical role in helping thousands of individuals maintain across California maintain or establish their Medi-Cal coverage. In addition, it will enroll adults ages 26 through 49 to access full scope Medi-Cal services, regardless of their immigration status, as part of the Medi-Cal Adult Expansion that commenced on January 1, 2024. This project, its associated funding, and subcontractors will provide essential support to ensure access to care for all Californians. It is another crucial step towards achieving health equity in our state.

Application Process

CPCA administers these funds through a Third-Party Administrator contract with DHCS, who is the designated recipient of the state and federal funding. CPCA is responsible for the Navigator Project's implementation, including program design, funding allocations, data collection, and reporting requirements. CPCA's goal is to identify where allocations of funds for these Medi-Cal efforts are needed and where the funding would best be utilized for activities addressing the efforts described.

The application is in two parts. Application Parts I and II are now closed. CPCA reviewed all applications submitted in Part I of the application cycle and identified potential awardees according to the scoring criteria leveraged from DHCS. The Association provided preliminary funding notices and allocations to potential awardees so that they could build a narrative, work plan, and budget that aligned with the preliminary funding allocation to complete Part II of the application. The review team utilized the information submitted in both Parts I and II of the application to submit final funding recommendations to DHCS. DHCS approved subcontracts with community health centers and consortia, including scope and budgets, prior to executing subcontracts.

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