February 22-26, 2021 -Virtual
CPCA's Quality & Technology Conference is designed to disseminate best practices and share innovative projects that directly support health information technology implementation, quality improvement, compliance, and practice transformation efforts. This event will feature educational sessions on compliance, quality improvement, and technology. General keynote speakers will address important topics such as patient engagement, quality assurance, quality improvement, data collection and analytics, and the strategic use of technology to support the overall practice of effectiveness.



April 21, 2021
Sacramento, CA

The CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates Day at the Capitol is an annual event that allows physicians, clinicians, directors, patients and health center advocates to engage in dialogue with legislators and legislative staff about budget and legislative priorities impacting community health centers (CHCs). Day at the Capitol is critical to CPCA as a forum in which the voice of CHCs can unite and be heard. Following a breakfast briefing to “kick off” the day, participants will attend legislative visits with their respective representatives to emphasize the importance of clinics in the current year's budget and legislative session, in addition to expressing the vital need for administrative streamlining.


May 18-19, 2021
San Diego, CA

This intensive event aims to provide educational and networking opportunities for community clinic and health center billing managers, patient account managers, and CFOs. The sessions are uniquely designed to be audience-driven with ample time for participants to ask questions, and its goal is to help prepare billing managers in effectively handling the upcoming changes impacting billing processes and the potential challenges that their billing staff will face in the coming years.


May 20-21, 2021
San Diego, CA

This annual event has been specifically designed for CFOs, finance directors, and community health center executives from across the state to bring together community clinics and health centers to improve the quality of financial information and systems in health centers by providing opportunities for skill enhancement and networking. This conference is held each year in order to provide an exchange of information, problem-solving, and training. The CFO conference is a great opportunity to network with key finance staff from health centers and support the financial growth of those serving our most vulnerable populations.


June 25-30, 2021 - Virtual
Clinicians, Executive Directors, State and Regional Primary Care partners and board members from community and migrant health centers from Arizona, California, Nevada, Hawaii, and the Pacific Islands will be in attendance. These executive directors, medical directors, dental directors, chief financial officers and other management positions use this annual event to network and discover new opportunities in all areas of primary healthcare.


October 21-22, 2021
Sacramento, CA

Every year in October, CPCA diligently works to put together an informative and empowering program for our membership, partners, and collaborators to learn from one another and honor those who have been instrumental through the year in addressing the serious healthcare concerns facing California's uninsured, low-income, and minority communities. This year's 900+ attendees will include key decision makers and leadership from hundreds of health centers across the state.