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TRAINING FEES UPDATE - Effective April 1, 2021
Last year, in recognition of the tremendous financial stress members were facing and to ensure that important and timely information could be accessed with no barriers, CPCA elected to waive training fees for the entire membership year (April 1,2020- March 31, 2021) and offer all training at no cost. As we continue to work in this pandemic environment to provide members the support they need, we must also plan for the future while supporting community health centers in improving the health status of their communities through advocacy, education, and services. Which is why the Board of Directors approved a budget in February that reflects a reinstatement of training fees effective for trainings taking place on or after April 1, 2021. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please email us at training@cpca.org

"How-to" Video Tutorials
CLICK HERE to view a collection of short "How-To" videos that address FAQ's as it relates to our website and different training processes.

CPCA Events List

6/15/2021Health Professions Education & Training Workgroup3WHP061521
6/15/2021New Clinical Director's Training1WE061521
6/17/2021Sharing CHC Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Best Practices1WI061721
6/18/2021CPCA's Peer Network Showcase1WD061821
6/21/20212021 Region IX Clinical Excellence and Leadership Conference2WCN2021
6/21/2021Clinic Emergency Preparedness Peer Network Meeting3PEP062121
6/28/20212021 Workforce Survey Results Webinar1WR062121
6/29/2021Connecting Neighborhood Health To Social Needs Screening1WI062921
6/29/2021Holistic Contextualized Care that extend beyond clinic setup1WE062921
7/6/2021Compliance Officers Peer Network Meeting3PCO070621
7/7/2021Exploring the PMHNP Role in Health Centers1WR070721
7/8/2021Leading QI In A Virtual Visit World1WE070821
7/14/2021Chief Financial Officers Peer Network Meeting3PCF071421
7/15/2021July 2021 CPCA Board & Committee Meetings3CB071521
7/22/2021eClinicalWorks & Patient Safety- OIG Notification1WG072221
8/10/2021Residency Peer Network Meeting3PRS081021
8/11/2021HIV Prevention Peer Network Meeting3PHP081121
8/12/2021Caring From the Inside Out1WC081221
8/31/2021Marketing & Development Peer Network Meeting3PMC072021
10/5/2021Marketing & Development Peer Network Meeting3PMC100521
10/6/2021HIV Prevention Peer Network Meeting3PHP100621
10/12/2021Residency Peer Network Meeting3PRS101221
10/25/20212021 CPCA Annual Conference2AC2021
12/8/2021HIV Prevention Peer Network Meeting3PHP120821
12/14/2021Residency Peer Network Meeting3PRS121421