Carmela Castellano-Garcia

President & Chief Executive Officer


CEO Speaker Request


Robert Beaudry

Chief Operating Officer &
Executive Vice President


Mike Witte, MD

Vice President &
Chief Medical Officer



Buddy Orange
Vice President of Human &
Organizational Development

Cathy Cooke

Administrative Assistant
Ext 1736


Glenna Davido

Senior Member Services Representative
Ext 1086


Jeanita Harris

Senior Data Analyst
Ext 1090


Jodi Johnson

Deputy Director of Operations
Ext 1093


Shadi Kanaan, MPH

Senior Program Coordinator
Ext 1122


Janelle Mollgaard

Senior Administrative Assistant
Ext 1124




Sandra Birkman

Director of Finance & Operations
Ext 1109

Heather Barclay
Senior Administrative Coordinator
Ext 1087

Robin Concannon

Associate Director of Accounting
Ext 1108




Andie Martinez Patterson

Director of Government Affairs
Ext 1075


Kelley Aldrich

Senior Administrative Coordinator
Ext 1094

 Janalynn Castillo

Advocacy Coordinator
Ext 1091

Victor Christy

Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs
Ext 1126


Michael Helmick

Senior Policy Analyst
Ext 1113


Meaghan McCamman

Assistant Director of Policy
Ext 1081


Beth Malinowski

Deputy Director of Government Affairs
Ext 1112


Elizabeth Oseguera

Senior Policy Analyst
Ext 1069


Daisy Po'oi

Administrative Coordinator
Ext 1085




Valerie Sheehan

Director of Development & External Relations
Ext 1118


Ginger Smith

Director of Health Center Operations
Ext 1096


Allie Budenz

Associate Director of QI
Ext 1128


Andrea Chavez

Senior Coordinator of Communications
Ext 1078


Kelly Cimino

Associate Director of Marketing & Branding
Ext 1100


Nataly Diaz

Senior Program Coordinator
Ext 1115

Peter Dy

Program Coordinator
Ext 1099

Emily Henry

Project Coordinator
Ext 1103


Christina Hicks

Deputy Director of Program Development & Evaluation
Ext 1129


Cindy Keltner

Deputy Director of Health Center Transformation
Ext 1098


Nicole Key

Senior Administrative Assistant
Ext 1114


Lucy Moreno

Data Informaticist
Ext 1742


Meghan Nousaine

Assistant Director of Health Center Operations
Ext 1097


Lindsey Ono

Associate Director of Events
Ext 1089


Erin Perry

Assistant Director of Education & Training
Ext 1084


Charlotte Reische

Senior Administrative Assistant
Ext 1079

Courtney Rodseth
Senior Administrative Assistant
Ext 1111

Tiffany Ruvalcaba

Senior Training Producer
Ext 1110


Jodi Samuels

Deputy Director of Development & Training
Ext 1101


Kearsten Shepherd

Deputy Director of Communications & Events
Ext 1073


Emily Shipman

Senior Program Coordinator of Health Center Operations
Ext 1074


Nenick Vu

Associate Director of Managed Care Operations
Ext 1739


Bao Xiong

Associate Director of Health Center Operations
Ext 1127