Rakesh Patel, MD
CEO, Neighborhood Healthcare

CPCA Staff:

Shadi Kanaan, Associate Director Clinical Affairs


The primary care peer network (PCPN) is open to all CPCA member providers. The purpose of the peer network is to share information related to clinical best practices, strategies, protocols and the latest clinical operations. This is ultimately an opportunity to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and networking across all primary care services in the Community Health Center space across California.

The group looks to meet bi-annually (virtually and at the region IX Clinical Excellence Conference). In between these meetings the network stays engaged through discussions via slack community as well as submitting and answering questions through the use of google forms. We encourage members to bring a peer (MD, DO, NP, PA, Midwives) to both of these opportunities to help create a well-rounded network.


Provide a network for clinical providers to help improve their patient outcomes and processes of care by implementing a range of innovations and undertaking quality improvement initiatives based on local community health needs.

  • A peer to peer learning environment where primary care providers can raise questions with their peers and discuss current clinical practices and strategies.
  • Help improve patient care and make system-wide changes.
  • Share individual approaches and quality improvement strategies.


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Sunday June 23rd (10am-12pm, in-person prior to Region IX Clinical Excellence Conference) – California Medical Association and Bureau of Primary Health Care
Agenda (coming soon)



Wednesday January 9th webinar – Development of Primary Care Peer Network (View Presentation)


To join the primary care peer network and be added to our email distribution list, please contact:

Shadi Kanaan, Associate Director of Clinical Affairs