Chair: Christine Noguera, CEO, Community Medical Centers
Staff: Andie Patterson
Support Staff: Daisy Po’oi

  • Issues affecting FQHC reimbursement and scope of service changes
  • Benefits of the FQHC program (FTCA)
  • BPHC Initiatives and Updates
  • PPS Payment Reform/Wrap Cap pilots
  • 330 Funding Issues
  • 330 and FQHC Federal Advocacy
  • NACHC Relations, Development and Updates

Audit (Members to be appointed)

Chair: Ben Flores, CEO, Ampla Health
Staff: Sandy Birkman

  • Recommend to the Board of Directors the retention and termination of the independent auditor
  • May negotiate the compensation of the auditor on behalf of the Board
  • Confer with the auditor to satisfy the committee members that the financial affairs of the organization are in order
  • Review and determine whether to accept the audit
  • Approve performance of any non-audit services by the auditing firm


Chair: Dr. Rakesh Patel, CEO, Neighborhood HealthCare
Staff: Dr. Mike Witte, CMO
Support Staff: Charlotte Reische, Adminstrative Coordinator

  • Advisory capacity on clinical matters in policy and program work
  • Develop infrastructure to share QI tools, expertise and findings
  • Clinical leadership development


Chair: Kevin Mattson, CEO, San Ysidro Health Center
Staff: Sandy Birkman
Support Staff: Janelle Mollgaard

  • CPCA budget development and oversight


Chair: Tim Rine, Executive Director, North Coast Clinics Network
Staff: Sandy Birkman
Support Staff: Janelle Mollgaard

  • Bylaws review/membership policy development
  • Board and officers elections
  • Membership applications review and recommendations
  • Board education/Member satisfaction assessments
  • Review Corporate Compliance activities of the organization

Government Programs

Chair: Henry Tuttle, CEO, Health Center Partners of Southern California
Staff: Andie Patterson   
Support Staff: Daisy Po’oi

  • Medi-Cal policy and reforms
  • Managed care and contracting 
  • Oral health
  • Mental health
  • Outreach, enrollment and eligibility
  • Provider enrollment and billing
  • Provider Rates
  • Clinic, pharmacy, and clinic lab licensing
  • 340b
  • PCHH implementation
  • Reproductive health
  • Remaining uninsured
  • County indigent programs


Chair: Paulo Soares, CEO, Camarena Health
Staff: Beth Malinowski
Support Staff: Kelley Aldrich

  • Bill review and prioritization
  • 2018-19 Legislative Agenda
  • Priority Administrative Issues
  • Federal Advocacy
  • Ballot Initiatives
  • Advocacy on health care budget Initiatives, i.e. proposed Medi-Cal reductions

Special Populations Agricultural Rural Committee (SPARC)

Chair: Lucresha Renteria, Executive Director, Mendocino Coast Clinics
Staff: Michael Helmick & Liz Oseguera
Support Staff: Daisy Po'oi

  • Rural managed care
  • County Medical Services Program
  • General rural health and rural community issues, policy and legislation


Chair: Leslie McGowan, CEO, Livingston Community Health
Staff: Christina Hicks
Support Staff: Nicole Key

  • Focus on all aspects of recruiting and retaining qualified health care staff, especially addressing the linguistic and cultural needs of patients
  • Discuss key workforce priorities for CHCs and develop policies addressing the critical health care workforce shortages in California

Ventures Finance (Board Members only)

Chair: Kevin Mattson, CEO, San Ysidro Health Center
Staff: Sandy Birkman
Support Staff: Janelle Mollgaard

  • Loan program oversight
  • CPCA Ventures budget development and oversight