Are you tired of tracking grants in spreadsheets and Word documents? Is it hard to manage your grants when you can’t easily find the information you need? Or time-consuming to create reports because you’re trying to get updates from other staff?

Finding an effective, affordable, and user-friendly system for managing grants can be difficult. So what’s the solution? GrantTracker+, a new grants management, tracking, and reporting system for non-profits in California and beyond.

CPCA partnered with CiviCore, a technology solutions provider dedicated to improving the use of information in nonprofits, foundations, and public agencies, and a small workgroup of CPCA members to develop GrantTracker+.

With GrantTracker+, you can easily manage grants from start to finish.
  • Keep track of funder communications, funding history, staff hours, work plan deliverables, and receivables and expenditures

  • Create ad-hoc or customized reports

  • Never forget upcoming deadlines, thanks to the home page dashboard and automated emails

  • Store documents in GrantTracker+ for each grant as well as common attachments, all in one centralized location

GrantTracker+ is cloud-based, has no standard implementation fee, and costs only $150 per month for CPCA members ($200 per month for non-members) regardless of the number of users or amount of data in the system! Make your grants management and tracking easier, faster, and more effective with GrantTracker+.



An outline and timestamps for the recorded demonstration are available here .

Additional information about CiviCore can be found at