California’s clinics and community health centers are a diverse group of providers who play varying roles within their communities’ healthcare systems.  However, they all have one thing in common – each CHC provides critical primary care services to underserved populations and constitutes an important part of the health care safety net.  During times of disaster, emergency, or pandemic, CHCs need to evaluate the needs of their community and their own critical infrastructure by deciding how best they can serve their patients and larger community.  During times of stress, vulnerable populations will turn to your clinic for help.  Putting a little time into emergency planning now can make a huge difference in your ability to serve your patients and continue clinic operations during AND after an emergency event.

Emergency Preparedness RESOURCES

Benefits of Emergency Planning
  • Financial and operational survival during and following an emergency event
  • Enhanced understanding of your clinic's planning and recovery needs
  • Facilitated communication with your clinic’s board through emergency planning efforts
  • Enhanced reputation within healthcare system and community
  • Strengthened community relationships and community support network
  • Improved community understanding of clinic services
  • Enhanced understanding of legal requirements for California’s community care clinics and health centers
  • Knowledge transfer of positive practices and lessons learned among community care clinics and health centers
  • Increased support of staff members (personal preparedness, family security)
  • Compliance with mission and ethical responsibilities as a healthcare provider
  • Unified and coordinated community response to better meet patient and clinic needs
  • Avoidance of a secondary disasters relating to unmet health needs

CPCA Staff Contact

Bao Xiong, Associate Director of Health Center Operations
(916) 440-8170 x1127