CPCA Events List

5/26/20202020 Virtual Day At The Capitol2DAC2020A
5/26/2020Wellbeing Through Crisis: Emotional PPE1WC052620
5/27/2020Behavioral Health Integration To Treat LGBTQIA+ Patients1WR052720
5/29/2020Public Charge & COVID-191WO052920
6/3/2020PrEP Train-The-Trainer: From Basics to Onboarding Your Team1WW041420
6/3/2020Innovation In Food Security Programs1WL060320
6/4/2020QI Leadership in a Virtual World1WL060420
6/9/2020Caring for Patients Experiencing Homelessness During COVID191WN060920
6/10/20202020 Virtual Emergency Preparedness Symposium1PH040920
6/11/2020Behavioral Health Peer Network Webinar3PBH061120
6/11/2020Best Practices in Credentialing & Provider Enrollment1WL061120
6/14/20202020 Region IX Clinical Excellence Conference2WCN2020
6/14/2020Primary Care Peer Network In Person Meeting1BPC061420
6/16/2020Understanding VBP: How Risky is a Risk-Based Arrangement?1WQ061620
7/6/2020Introduction To PCMH: Medical Home Foundational Concepts1PQ070620
7/8/2020Advanced PCMH: Mastering the Medical Home Transformation1PQ070820
7/23/2020Human Resources Peer Network3PHR072320
7/28/2020Residency Peer Network3PRS072820
7/30/2020Compliance Officers Peer Network Meeting3PCO073020
8/11/2020Billing Managers Peer Network Meeting3PBM081120
8/12/2020Chief Financial Officers Peer Network Meeting3PCF081220
8/17/20202020 Billing Managers Conference2BM2020
8/17/20202020 Chief Financial Officers Conference2CF2020
9/22/2020Residency Peer Network3PRS092220
10/15/20202020 CPCA Annual Conference2AC2020
10/29/2020Compliance Officers Peer Network Meeting3PCO102920
11/3/2020Residency Peer Network3PRS110320
11/4/2020Chief Financial Officers Peer Network Meeting3PCF110420
11/10/2020Billing Managers Peer Network Meeting3PBM111020
11/19/2020Human Resources Peer Network3PHR111920