CPCA Events List

DateTitleTopic Category
7/25/2018Texting Patients: Good for Their Health & Your Bottom LineHealth Center Operations1WL072518
7/26/2018Motivational Interviewing for Addressing SDOHHealth Center Operations1WW072618
7/31/2018Integrated Care for Patients with Diabetes & PrediabetesHealth Center Operation1WL073118
7/31/2018eCW: CA Title X Family PlanningHealth Information Technology1WM073118
8/1/2018CPCA Compensation & Benefits Survey: Learn The Tool!Human Resources1WN080118
8/9/2018eCW: MU 3 & MAQ DashboardsHealth Information Technology1WM080918
8/14/20182018 Billing Managers ConferenceFinance2BM2018
8/15/2018SDOH Peer NetworkHealth Center Operations3PSD081518
8/16/20182018 Chief Financial Officers ConferenceFinance2CF2018
8/16/2018Human Resource Peer NetworkHuman Resources3PHR081618
8/21/2018SDOH Learning Cohort Webinar # 4CP31WW082118
8/21/2018The Silent Crisis: Resources to Support Immigrant PatientsOutreach & Enrollment1WU082118
8/22/2018SQIC Peer NetworkHealth Center Operations3PSQ082218
8/23/2018Managing Anxiety in Addiction TreatmentClinical1WE082318
9/13/2018Behavioral Health Peer Network In-person MeetingHealth Center Operations3PBH091318
9/13/2018Behavioral Health Peer Network WebinarHealth Center Operations3PBH091381
9/14/2018Best Practices in Preparing for ICE RaidsAdvocacy1PB091418
9/18/2018SDOH Learning Cohort Webinar # 5CP31WW091818
9/18/2018GrantTracker+ DemonstrationHealth Center Operations1WL091818
9/20/2018Managed Care Task ForceManaged Care3TMC092018
10/3/2018Human Resource Peer Network In PersonHuman Resources3PHR100318
10/4/20182018 CPCA Annual ConferenceConferences & Events2AC2018
10/10/2018Working Together to Make California TB FreeClinical1WE101018
10/17/2018SDOH Peer NetworkHealth Center Operations3PSD101718
11/15/2018Human Resource Peer NetworkHuman Resources3PHR115118
11/28/2018SQIC Peer NetworkHealth Center Operations3PSQ112818
12/6/2018Managed Care Task ForceManaged Care3TMC120618
12/13/2018Behavioral Health Peer Network In-person MeetingHealth Center Operations3PBH121318
12/13/2018Behavioral Health Peer Network WebinarHealth Center Operations3PBH121381
12/19/2018SDOH Peer NetworkHealth Center Operations3PSD121918