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CPCA Events List

5/24/2022Strategic Planning for Health Professions Training1WR052422
5/25/2022Recruit Dental Assistants: Best Practices & Considerations1WP042522
5/26/2022Connecting Health & Social Care-The Status Of Efforts In CA1WI052622
6/1/2022CFIO Foundations of Self & Collective Care1WC060122
6/2/2022Why Managing Patient Coverage is Critical to Retention1WI060222
6/7/2022Developing MSW Field Education Partnerships1WC060722
6/7/2022Leveraging CAIR Match to Improve CHC EHR Immunization Data1WE060722
6/9/2022Combating Turnover During Ongoing Labor Market Disruptions1WR051022
6/16/2022Patient Engagement and Activation: Needs and Emerging Trends1WI061622
6/16/2022Developing Your Financial Playbook for Decision Making1WC050522
6/21/20222022 New Clinical Director's Training1WR062122
6/21/2022Integrative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Treating1WI062122
6/26/20222022 Region IX Clinical Leadership and Excellence Conference2WCN2022
6/28/2022Residency Peer Network Meeting3PRS062822
6/28/2022Effective Data Management Tools for Effective Patient Care1WI052522
7/7/2022Health Professions Education & Training Workgroup3WHP070722
7/14/2022July 2022 CPCA Board & Committee Meetings3CB071422
8/17/2022Supporting Pregnant Patients: Work Notes, Leave, and CA SDI1WO041922
8/23/2022Residency Peer Network Meeting3PRS082322
8/30/2022Marketing & Development Peer Network Meeting3PMC083022
9/8/2022Health Professions Education & Training Workgroup3WHP090822
10/18/2022Residency Peer Network Meeting3PRS101822
10/25/2022October 2022 CPCA Board & Committee Meetings3CB102522
11/10/2022Health Professions Education & Training Workgroup3WHP111022
11/15/2022Marketing & Development Peer Network Meeting3PMC111522
12/13/2022Residency Peer Network Meeting3PRS121322
Effective 11/1/21: No refunds will be available for cancellations received on or after 10 business days before the start date of the event/training. To receive a maximum refund of 50% of the registration price prior to this deadline, all cancellations must be in writing and submitted by emailing training@cpca.org. Substitutions of registrations in lieu of cancellation is encouraged.
“No Shows” are non-refundable.

Effective Wednesday, December 1, 2021: the “Pay Later” option will no longer be available when registering for trainings or events that have a fee associated with them. Payment will be required at the time of registration via credit card. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please email us at training@cpca.org.