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2/27/2018Maximizing Medicare Reimbursement: Chronic Care ManagementHealth Center Operations1WL022718
2/27/2018Introductory SDOH Cohort WebinarSDOH Cohort1WW022718
2/28/2018Clinic Emergency Preparedness Peer Network Meeting 3PEP022818
2/28/2018Compliance Officer Peer Network Meeting 3PCO022818
3/1/20182018 Quality Care ConferenceHealth Information Technology2HIT2018
3/1/2018Residency Peer Network Meeting 3PRS030118
3/7/2018Maximizing Medicare Reimbursement: DSMT and MNTHealth Center Operations1WL030718
3/7/2018SQIC Peer NetworkSQIC3PSQ030718
3/8/2018Behavioral Health Peer Network In-person Meeting 3PBH030818
3/8/2018Behavioral Health Peer Network Webinar 3PBH030881
3/14/2018CPCA Revenue Cycle Management ProgramHealth Center Operations1WJ031418
3/14/2018Health Homes Rate Setting Tool for CB-CME Health CentersHealth Homes Rate Setting Tool for CB-CME Health Centers3PSQ022118
3/22/2018HIT Peer NetworkHIT Peer Network3PSD032218
3/28/2018Telehealth's Role In Medicare's Chronic Care ManagementHealth Center Operations1WL032818
3/29/20182018 Emergency Preparedness SymposiumEmergency Preparedness1PH032918
3/29/2018Making The Most Of Your CPCA MembershipMeetings1WO032918
3/29/2018FM+ Online: 340BFinance1WJ021918
3/29/2018Managed Care Task ForceManaged Care Task Force3TMC032918
3/29/2018RAND STUDY: Embedding WET Into Collaborative Care for PTSDHIT Peer Network3PBH032918
4/18/2018SDOH Peer NetworkSDOH Peer Network3PSD041818
4/19/2018In-person SDOH Cohort MeetingSDOH Cohort1WW041918
4/25/20182018 Day At The CapitolAdvocacy2DAC2018
5/17/2018Human Resource Peer NetworkHuman Resource3PHR051718
6/3/20182018 Region IX Clinical Excellence ConferenceClinical2WCN2018
6/20/2018SDOH Peer NetworkSDOH Peer Network3PSD062018
6/21/2018Managed Care Task ForceManaged Care Task Force3TMC062118
8/14/20182018 Billing Managers ConferenceFinance2BM2018
8/15/2018SDOH Peer NetworkSDOH Peer Network3PSD081518
8/16/20182018 Chief Financial Officers ConferenceFinance2CF2018
8/16/2018Human Resource Peer NetworkHuman Resource3PHR081618