We know that you have leaders at all levels of your health center and that you want to provide them with the skills that they need to effectively manage in this new era of health care.
As a part of CPCA’s mission to provide community health centers with training opportunities to help them succeed in the ever-changing health care landscape, we have partnered with We Will to deliver a cutting edge, constantly updated Management Training Program for current and future primary care leaders.  

Cohort 14

2020 Schedule


The program consists of 4 Webinars and 5 in-person days of training throughout the year. A cohort of 35 participants will be selected from a pool of applicants. All accepted participants are required to attend all learning opportunities in order to receive a certificate of completion. Please note - all in-person sessions will be held in Sacramento, CA.

Cost per participant

$3,000 due upon acceptance into the program.

Thanks to generous support from The California Wellness Foundation, scholarships for HealthManagement+ are available to eligible applicants from Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

The CPCA/WW Learning Model

We Will believes leadership development has to achieve five outcomes before ensuring that a real impact has occurred. These five elements are:

K: New Knowledge is acquired
A:  Attitudes and beliefs have been shifted or confirmed
B: The new information manifests itself in new Behaviors
S: The new behaviors are Sustainable
S: The new learning is Spreadable to others

The program will include learning in many content areas that include: 21st century perspective tools, and knowledge about such topics as operations, finance, technology, organizational capacity, leadership and management, strategy and planning, understanding the external environment, influence and communication, performance management, critical thinking and judgment, innovation, problem solving, sense making, project management, building human networks, and many additional topics. Our purpose is to give you cutting edge information and practical tools your staff can use immediately .


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