Messaging To Immigrant Patients and Protecting Patient Info

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CPCA is offering this multi-part training program to help answer questions and address concerns that health centers and regional associations have regarding immigration and the impact that federal policies have on their patients and staff.

In this second webinar, we will be reviewing CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates immigration sample policies and procedures. We would like to thank our legal counsel, Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP (FTLF) and immigration partners, like the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), who helped review these policies and procedures.

Community health centers have historically been the primary medical home for millions of immigrants in California. Aside from providing medical care, health centers have also become important hubs for communities where patients can access critical ancillary resources and services. However, given the fear and anxiety that many immigrant communities are facing due to the current administration’s immigration policies, many patients are choosing to stop obtaining care from community health centers and, in some cases, dis-enrolling from crucial programs such as Medi-Cal.

In this session, we will focus on crafting effective strategies to communicate the policies, procedures, and protocols outlined in Part 1 of this webinar series to patients, stakeholders, and the community at large. First, Gabrielle Lessard, from the National Immigration Law Center, will provide an overview of the leaked Executive Order regarding “public charge” and the order’s possible implications to accessing health center services for immigrant communities. Then, Elizabeth Oseguera, Senior Policy Analyst at CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates will outline the recommended messaging strategies to inform staff, patients and the community on newly adopted protocols around immigration. Elizabeth will also be offering additional information and guidance on protecting patient’s personal health information. And finally, Seth Doyle from the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association (NWRPCA), along with a member clinic, will provide an overview of the impact that the anti-immigrant rhetoric has had on patients and share potential strategies that can be developed to help mitigate the impact.


  • Attain template policy statements, talking points, strategies on messaging and outreach to patients, stakeholders, and the larger community.
  • Receive template publications in multiple languages including welcome signage and “Know Your Rights” handouts for display and distribution in health centers.
  • Comprehend important definitions regarding “private spaces” as well as in legal protections and avenues for recourse for patients and staff.


  • Chief Operating Officers
  • In-House Counsel
  • Human Resources Leaders
  • Risk Managers and Compliance Leaders
  • Medical Staff Leaders


  • Nicole Bacon, Esq, Partner, Feldesman, Tucker, Leifer, Fidell, LLP
  • Seth Doyle, Northwest Regional Primary Care Association (NWRPCA)
  • Elizabeth Oseguera, Senior Policy Analyst, CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates
  • Gabrielle Lessard, National Immigration Law Center

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Disclaimer: The information on this session is intended only to provide a general overview of the topics addressed.  This session is not intended to provide legal advice or substitute for the guidance, counsel or advice of legal counsel on any matters particular to a specific primary care clinic.

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