ROLE: To make recommendations to CPCA Committees on specific time-sensitive policy issues.

Health Equity Task Force (reports to SPARC)


Asa Satariano, CEO, South of Market Health Center
Thu Quach, Chief Deputy of Administration, Asian Health Services
Liz Oseguera, Associate Director, Policy
Support Staff:
Mara Melendez, Sr. Administrative Assistant

  • Identify, discuss, and work towards resolving the disparities exacerbated by COVID 19.
  • Support the advancement of health equity for special populations adversely affected by COVID-19.

Managed Care Task Force (reports to Government Programs) 


Alvaro Fuentes, CEO, Community Clinic Consortium of Contra Costa and Solano
Trong Le. Assistant Director of Policy
Support Staff: 
Charlotte Reische, Administrative Coordinator

  • Managed Care health plan contracts
  • Monitor concerns and changes in the Medi-Cal Managed Care environment and provide CPCA with guidance on responding to these developments


Medicaid Managed Care: Lots Of Unanswered Questions (Part 1)
Medicaid Managed Care: Lots Of Unanswered Questions (Part 2)

Supplemental Payment Pool Task Force (reports to Govt. Programs)


Caleb Sandford, COO, Tiburcio Vasquez
Andie Patterson, VP of Government Affairs
Support Staff:

  • Forum to work through the details with DHCS on how the distribution of the Supplemental Payment Pool works and then monitor the progress of the SPP.
  • Inform the methodology and the structure of the Equity Redistribution structure and help to ensure as many CHCs are participating as possible.
  • Prepare for the future of the SPP and strategize how to grow the SPP fund.

Telehealth Clinical Task Force

Beth Malinowski, Director of Government Affairs and Trong Le, Assistant Director, Policy
Support Staff:
Mara Melendez, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Drawing on the expertise from CHC clinical and quality leaders, this group will run throughout 2021’s legislative cycle to support telehealth legislative efforts.
  • This year, state legislative conversations are expected to take a clinical focus. This group will be prepare CPCA staff and advocates to have the data, example, and information they need to best advance this top priority.