The Role of Task Forces

Task Forces typically address time sensitive policy issues and may make informal recommendations to whichever Committee the Task Force reports up to. Task Forces meet as determined by the Chair and staff; sometimes monthly or quarterly depending on the groups’ needs.

Managed Care Task Force (reports to Government Programs Committee)

Chair: Alex Cotté, Director of Managed Care Services, Arroyo Vista Family Health Center
CPCA Staff Lead: Laura Sheckler, Deputy Director of Policy & Regulatory Affairs
CPCA Support Staff: Marisa Melendez, Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Managed Care health plan contracts
  • Monitor concerns and changes in the Medi-Cal Managed Care environment and provide guidance on responding to developments
  • Monitor and respond to the state's Cal AIM implementation plan


Medicaid Managed Care: Lots Of Unanswered Questions (Part 1)
Medicaid Managed Care: Lots Of Unanswered Questions (Part 2)

Clinical Task Force (reports to Legislative/Regulatory Committee)

Chair: Dr. Joel Ramirez, CMO, Camarena Health
CPCA Staff Lead: Ekeoma Nwadibia, Senior Program Coordinator of Quality Improvement
CPCA Support Staff: Charlotte Labbe, Senior Administrative Coordinator
Typical Meeting Schedule: Convenes virtually each month for one hour

  • Share strategies, protocols, and promising practices across important clinically relevant areas, like clinical decision making, clinical operations, public health response, integrated care, quality outcomes, evolving statewide initiatives, and delivery reform
  • Advise on clinical matters in policy and program work important to health centers and CPCA
  • Develop clinical leadership through shared peer-to-peer learning and networking
  • Serve as liaisons to the CMA community clinic practice forum