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Graduate Medical Education COVID-19 Resources

ACGME Response to Pandemic Crisis

ACGME Family Medicine Residency FAQs

NRMP FAQs During COVID-19 Pandemic

AFMRD: Program Director Toolbox - COVID-19 Resources

STFM: Medical Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic

SGIM: COVID-19 Resources

JGME: ACGME's New Suite of Well-Being Resources

CPCA-Developed Graduate Medical Education Resources

Current State of California Health Center Residency Programs
- Executive Summary
- Full Report

Pathways to Residency: Community Health Center Models for Graduate Medical Education 

Preparing for Accreditation: Community Health Center as Sponsoring Institutions

Graduate Medical Education Funding: Community Health Center Resources for Residency Training

Self-Assessment and Action Plan:Community Health Center Sponsoring Institution and Residency Program

Medi-Cal PPS Practices for Resident Physicians at FQHCs RHCs - CPCA FAQs

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

ACGME Institutional Requirements

Sponsoring Institution Application and Requirements

Common Program Requirements

Instructions for New Program Applications

Family Medicine Program Requirements and FAQs

Internal Medicine Program Requirements and FAQs

Sample Program Letter of Agreement

ACGME Glossary of Terms

Graduate Medical Education Reports

Examining the Cost Effectiveness of Teaching Health Centers

2017-2018 Program Highlights of the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education Program

Training Tomorrow's Physicians: Recommendations for Expanding Graduate Medical Education Funding in California

Primary Care Physician Crisis

Medical Residents: Where Are They From?

Geographic Distribution of Residencies

Who’s Training Whom?

Medicare GME Funding 101

The Song-Brown Program

A Guide to Graduate Medical Education in California

Understanding Graduate Medical Education Funding: Focus on California

Towards the Development of a National Strategic Plan for Graduate Medical Education

Preparing Physicians to Care for Underserved Patients: A Look at California's Teaching Health Centers

ACGME Data Resource Book

Journal of Graduate Medical Education

Overarching Themes from the CLER: National Report of Findings 2018

Cost Estimates for Training Residents in a Teaching Health Center

Fewer Rural Students Applying to Medical School

Investing in a Health Workforce that Meets Rural Needs

Special Needs in Rural America: Implications for Healthcare Workforce Education, Training, and Practice

Additional GME-Focused Organizations

Education Health Center Initiative

American Association of Teaching Health Centers


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