LETTERS OF SUPPORT – Health Center Program Funding

CPCA is pleased to provide a general Letter of Support to members for grant proposals related to Health Center Program (Section 330) funding. The Board of Directors has adopted the policy of limiting these Letters of Support to community clinics and health centers or consortia that are members of CPCA. The Board-approved standard LOS notes that CPCA has not conducted an analysis of the applicant’s operation or the health care needs of the service area and that CPCA does not vouch for representations set forth in the grant application. The LOS confirms that the applicant is a member of CPCA in good standing. 

If you would like a Letter of Support for Health Center Program (Section 330) funding, please click the link below to submit an LOS request at least one week prior to your deadline.  All Letters of Support will be provided via email to the Requestor, and a hard copy can be provided by mail upon request.


LETTERS OF SUPPORT– Other Types of Funding

CPCA also provides Letters of Support to members for other types of grant proposals and to other organizations when partnering on a particular project or program.  To request a more specific LOS, contact Kearsten Shepherd at kshepherd@cpca.org


The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) may provide letters of support for organizations in California applying to federal grants. If you are applying for a federal grant and would like to receive a letter of support from DHCS, follow these guidelines: 

  • Email subject: [“Corporation Name” – “Grant program name” LOS Request]
  • Email body: Provide a 1 paragraph summary highlighting the proposed project.
  • Email attachment: Attach the project narrative to the email.

The mailbox will be monitored daily and requests processed on a flow basis.

Note that DHCS may choose not to provide letters for certain grant opportunities. In those situations, you should include documentation in your proposal showing that you submitted a request but were unable to secure a letter.

Questions? Contact Corinne Chavez, Corinne.chavez@dhcs.ca.gov.


The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), which serves as California’s Primary Care Office, offers letters of support for organizations in California applying to federal grants.  If you are applying for a federal grant and would like to receive a letter of support from OSHPD, follow these guidelines:

Submit request via email to HCRWorkforce@oshpd.ca.gov

  • Email subject: Provide funding opportunity number [Letter of Support, “FOA #”]
  • Email body: Provide funding opportunity title, number and application’s deadline
  • Email attachment: In a separate Word document, provide abstract information on your project.

At least 15 business days advanced notice is required. OSHPD suggests allowing 2-3 weeks for turnaround time.

Questions? Contact Elvira Chairez, Elvira.Chairez@oshpd.ca.gov, (916) 326-3635.

OSHPD also has access to and knowledge of various data points to support proposal development:

  • Census data on Medical Study Service Areas
  • Medically Underserved Area/Medically Underserved Population designations
  • National Health Service Corps provider data from HRSA Data Warehouse
  • Health Profession Shortage Area FTE
  • J-1 Visa Waiver data available through DHCS contact
  • Clinics financial/utilization
  • Health outcome measures, including preventable hospitalizations as indicators of access to community based primary and preventative care
  • Licensing Board data on certain provider supply by County
  • Health Professions Education Programs location information
  • Research briefs and literature reviews on topics that impact California's healthcare workforce

Send your specific data request via email to HCRWorkforce@oshpd.ca.gov.