2021 CPCA Workforce Development Survey Report -  Now Available! 

Thank you to the 85 health centers who participated in CPCA’s 2021 Workforce Development Survey. CPCA and Gallagher Surveys are pleased to present the results of the 2021 report which may serve as a valuable strategic leadership tool that offers nuanced information and key insights on workforce strategies BEYOND compensation and benefits.

NEW Reporting Structure & Layout
The 2021 Workforce Development Survey report has been significantly revised to include workforce data on year‐over‐year trends and insights on workforce priorities, challenges, and strategies leveraged by CHCs. The full results are comprise of two connected reports that coherently present the survey findings at the macro and micro level. The first, similar to previous versions, is in PDF format and displays data that reflect statewide results. The second report, made available through Excel, parses the statewide results by Full‐Time‐ Equivalency (FTE) and California regions.

Key Findings & Executive Summary
We invite you to review the report’s executive summary and watch the below webcast. Doing so will provide you with a window into workforce priorities and challenges reported by CHCs and key strategies included in the reports.

CPCA’s 2021 Workforce Development Survey statewide PDF and detailed Excel reports are available for FREE, to all participants.
Copies can also be purchased on CPCA’s Store.

2020 CPCA Compensation & Benefits Survey Report -  Now Available! 
The Compensation & Benefits Survey is conducted annually online to collect detailed information on compensation structures for executive, clinical, and administrative positions for California’s primary care community health centers (CHC).

THANK YOU to the health centers that completed  and participated in CPCA’s 2020 Compensation & Benefits Survey! Participating health centers received a free copy of the statewide report, an individualized report that compares their compensation against similarly sized clinics, and a copy of the aggregated compensation data for regional and industry benchmarking.All three reports were disseminated to participating clinics during CPCA’s 2020 Salary Survey results webinar, scheduled for Monday, November 9. Copies of the statewide report can also be purchased on CPCA’s Store.


Isaias Iniguez, Associate Director of Workforce Development & Special Populations