CPCA Compensation and Benefits Survey

CPCA conducts the Compensation & Benefits Survey annually to collect detailed information on compensation structures for executive, clinical, and administrative positions in California’s community health centers (CHCs). In 2020, new questions were included to evaluate the revised pay structures and benefits packages impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. CHCs that participate receive three complimentary reports:

  1. Detailed policy and benefits statewide report,
  2.  Individualized report comparing their compensation against similarly sized clinics, and
  3.  Copy of the aggregated compensation data for regional and industry benchmarking. 

THANK YOU to the 130 health centers that completed the 2020 Compensation & Benefits Survey. CPCA will disseminate all three reports to participating clinics during the "2020 Results" webinar, scheduled for Monday, November 9. Copies of the statewide report are available on CPCA’s Store.

CPCA Workforce Development Survey

CPCA’s “2020 COVID-19 Workforce Pulse Survey and 2019 Workforce Development Survey” report highlights the COVID-19 pandemic disruptions on CHC workforce teams. It serves as valuable strategic leadership tool that offers nuanced information on workforce strategies BEYOND compensation and benefits. The detailed report also provides key insights on workforce priorities and a variety of workforce strategies leveraged by health centers in response to the pandemic. These include insights on payroll adjustments, staff repurposing efforts, recruitment and retention strategies, and health professions trainings. 

THANK YOU to the 96 health centers that participated in CPCA’s 2020 Workforce Pulse and 2019 Workforce Development surveys! A detailed report is now available for FREE to all participants. Copies of the report are available on CPCA’s Store.

We invite you to watch the webcast below for a summary analysis of the survey trends and key findings included in the detailed report.


Isaias Iniguez, Senior Program Coordinator of Workforce Development & Special Populations