MedicalAssistant+ Program Cohort 3 (2022)

Medical Assistants (MAs) play a critical role in expanding capacity within care teams and providing care to patients, yet often aren’t equipped with the necessary skills to be the most effective or successful in complex care settings.

As a part of CPCA's mission to provide community health centers with training opportunities to help them succeed in the ever-changing health care landscape, we have partnered with Macman Management Healthcare Services to deliver a robust MA training program.

Medical Assistant+ is a six-month training and retention program that helps build the necessary skills a successful MA team requires -- guiding them towards career advancement and certification.

Program Fee Per Participant: $3,000 due upon acceptance into the program.
5/19/2022 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
The Training Portal Is Open As Of 05/16. Login To Cpca.Org. Click: My Profile, Then Online Training Portal, Then View My Courses UNITED STATES

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