SDOH Learning Cohort Webinar # 2 Engaging Key Stakeholders

This webinar for the CPCA/CP3 SDOH Learning Cohort will focus on best practices and recent lessons learned on engaging audiences (e.g., patients, leadership, staff) in your implementation process along with training on empathic inquiry to assist in collecting data. The training will highlight messaging used by early PRAPARE adopters that worked well with each of those audiences to gather buy-in for implementation (based off of Chapter 2 in the PRAPARE Implementation and Action Toolkit but updated with recent examples harvested from recent PRAPARE implementation efforts). Empathic Inquiry Training to Collect PRAPARE Data covering what empathic inquiry is, why it’s important to use approaches like this for implementation, and demonstrating the difference between empathic inquiry approach and “assessment” approach. This training will also cover Patient-Centered Principles.

Homework prior to this webinar includes reading Chapters 2 in NACHC’s PRAPARE Implementation and Action Toolkit.

2/14/2019 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Online Via Webinar

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