Once implemented across California, the Data Exchange Framework (DxF) will create new connections and efficiencies among health and social services providers, improving whole-person care. The DxF is California’s first-ever statewide data sharing agreement that requires the secure and appropriate exchange of health and social services information to enable providers to work together and improve an individual’s health and wellbeing.

The DxF Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) is a signed agreement and shared commitment between hospitals, physician organizations and medical groups, skilled nursing facilities, health plans and disability insurers, clinical laboratories, acute psychiatric hospitals, and other voluntary signatories to securely and appropriately share information. This ensures that all health and social services providers have quick and easy access to the information needed to safely and effectively treat California’s patients.


DxF CPCA Member Signatories

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sign the Data Sharing Agreement

AB133 Data Exchange Framework FAQ from CDII

Data Exchange Framework P&P CPCA

Data Exchange Framework Overview:

In The News

“California will require health facilities to start sharing patient data with each other”

San Francisco Chronicle:
“California is creating a new health information exchange. How do we know if our personal data is safe?”

California Health Care Foundation Blogs:
“Shared Information Has the Power to Change Californians’ Lives for the Better”
“Data Exchange Is at the Heart of California’s Drive for Health Equity”

Meetings and Webinars

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Future CPCA Meetings and Webinars

December 6th 11am to 12:30pm


PAST CPCA Meetings and Webinars
Overview of Data Exchange Initiative - Wednesday, April 19th | 9:30-11am
DxF Bootcamp (HYBRID) - Wednesday, May 17th | 10am-2pm
DxF Virtual Office Hours - Wednesday, June 14th | 1-2pm
September 26th 11am to 12:30pm – Implementing DxF: Optimizing Workflows for Data Exchange Framework Integration
October 4th 3pm to 4pm – Office Hours

Past Meetings and Webinars

What is the Data Exchange Framework (9/13/2022)
DxF Webinar #1 – Presentation
Video Recording

DxF DSA and P&Ps: An Overview (10/24/2022)
DxF Webinar #2 – Presentation
Video Recording

DxF Grant Program Overview & DSA Signature Portal Demonstration (11/22/2022)
DxF Webinar #3 – Presentation
Video Recording

What is a QHIO? How do I sign the DSA? And other DxF Program Updates (12/13/2022)
DxF Webinar #4 – Presentation
Video Recording